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Do you want to fast sell your home? What matters in fast selling of a home? Do you want to be creditable realtor ? A 5 minutes read from Michni Seller Guide

6 Tips For Successful Property Selling In real estate market of Pakistan

Closing a deal is the most difficult and important phase that differentiates selling from marketing a product. A great opening or introduction doesn’t always guarantees a good closing. We assume that you are already familiar with rest of the process and will take selling process as a whole here in your article. Selling or buying a property is different from all other experiences you have in any other commodities. Selling and buying a property or real estate takes time, energy and a lot of efforts to make it happen. As realtor, your patience and professional behavior is the key to your success.

Local , national and international requirements for operating as realtor may vary from market to market but if narrowed down, all fingers crosses each other at some point. If you are a successful realtor in real estate market of Pakistan, you can definitely operate in international markets but after completing their respective pre requisites. 

In our article 6 Tips For Successful Property Selling In real estate market of Pakistan is composed by seasonal real estate experts and is focused on quick tricks to help you sell property like a pro. You can always choose to go through our article How to be a success realtor? For more details.

1. Home improvement helps selling at higher pricing

Include trending designs and technologies in a new construction or in remodeling an older property or maintenance for value addition. Hire a professional to help you find the areas of maintenance or remodeling. You can decide to make superficial changes for better look on very low pricing or can decide to do it in depth. Don’t fall for major changes, if you are planning to resell the property and keep the remodeling or maintenance that pays off including maintenance of paint, kitchen cabinets, ceiling , bathrooms etc. if you want to do the remodeling in depth, include floor tiling, fresh wood work, glass and aluminum work , wall papering, lawn etc.  A maintained or remodeled property always pays off well in terms of higher rental incomes and sale value.

2. Remove Clutters

Removing clutter can make your space wide, comfortable and cozy for living. Removing clutter could be most cost-effective tip for all residential and commercial real estate owners. If you remove clutters from your properties you will automatically make it perfect selection for buyers. Removing uncomfortable things and stuff from your space are perfect for your house for sale. Hire a professional who could remove all the clutter for you and make it number one choice of the property seekers and tenants.

3. Focus On Your Interior

Human mind is designed to respond to danger and aesthetics at earliest. The same rule applies in real estate where a visually appealing property gets more buyers in comparison to a dull and old property or in other words a designer house worth more than an ordinary house. Before advertising your properties in real estate local or national markets, try to focus on your interior as much as you can. It is a well-accepted reality that good interior will change your properties and enhance their worth than others.

For making your property visually appealing hire professional interior designer who will make your space perfect for living, working or for other purpose. Through interior design, you can make it a bit expensive and enhance its worth. Through good and professional interior designing you can attract many potential buyers and get profit on your sale.

4. Furnished looks are good for selling

It’s a proper profession in developed word where professionals show case their inventory of furniture, appliances and paintings in your empty space for sale. This is just to give a vivid idea to the property seekers of how will the place look when ready for living. Once the place is sold, the stuff is packed for another property for sale against agreed fee or percentage. This has amazingly increased property sale in west and can do in Pakistan. In absence of such professionals, you can always make arrangements with a furniture and décor house to do the job for you against agreed fee. You can include the showcased inventory in your asking price or can sell it empty.

5. Make your property Openhouse

As the name Openhouse suggests the property can be seen 24/7 or on specific days and timings and thus gives an opportunity to occupied property seekers without fixing an appointment. This increases footfall, competition in property buyers to bid more and thus offers sellers a unique opportunity to seller to quick sell at higher pricing. If you don’t have time yourself, hire a person for a month or two and place Openhouse display board or can ask your real estate agent to do the job for you. The hired person will be keeping the property clean, welcoming buyers, dealing them or diverting them to you for more information. The terminology Openhouse is extremely affective both for selling or renting a property faster at higher pricing.

6. Advertise Your Property To Get More Buyers

Though displaying a board of Openhouse or a banner for sale can give some exposure to your property but you will still need to advertise your property on proper channels of real estate market. You can opt the expensive and outdated newspaper advertisement or can move to the trending advertisement means or both. You can also enlist your property on portals like Michni.com for sale absolutely free or can search online local real estate offices in agent finder to save your leg work or can request in sell it for me where premier agents will be helping you in fast sell. Once listed your property on Michni, you can share the link of approved advertisement on Facebook timeline or groups for selling and purchasing properties. Download App and use affordable listing Credits to get more views and rapid response from millions of Michni users from whole Pakistan.

If you want to sell your property privately without advertisement, enlist your property in Ibuyers of Michni to avoid annoying calls and visits.

If success is a process with a number of defined steps, then it is just like any other process. So, what is the first step in any process?

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