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About Us

What is Michni.com.pk?

Michni.com.pk, named after an ignored FATA area Mohmand agency, Peshawar Division, Pakistan. Our journey began on 30th June 2019 with a vision of Zia Shah who wants to build leading destinations of property buying & selling in Pakistan with huge profit through online property portal. We have a goal to change the real estate business and real estate functionality in Pakistan by bringing buyers, sellers, project owners, and dealers online in a helpful manner making it a commonly the recognized name among Pakistanis and around the World. We have the potential to become one of the leading property portals of Pakistan. We are proud to have a strong vision to help people & solve their real estate problems through our online portal. We employees all platforms, products, services, and innovations which fit in economic, financial and other needs of our intuitive users. Our strong online marketing campaigns and services have converted our approach into a practical real estate market hub. Our mission is to boost economic or financial activities within the real estate sector resulting in secured investments.

Michni.com.pk - Pakistan's Growing Property Portal of Pakistan!

Michni.com.pk is now becoming a growing real estate sector in the economy of Pakistan. Our goal is to take the real estate business of Pakistan into another level of excellence and trustworthy among users. The same terminology drove the vision of our real estate group, where quality beats amount, Insha Allah. Michni.com will improve the important and barren parts of land in Pakistan into an increasingly proficient sector, for this purpose we bring a deliberate portal where we will enable you to purchase, lease, sell, and rent your property. A perfect place where you can confidently sit back unwind and let us showcase your property plans and terms to a massive level. We trust we have set another standard for the eventual fate of real estate in Pakistan by giving the most reliable online property portal.

Basically what we are going to do?

Michni.com.pk work on a vision to bring ease in the lives of our intuitive users, buyers, sellers, project owner, and clients. Our strong social media marketing, blogging and leads on offer give profit to every individual in regards to their property. We have all platforms e.g., website, mobile website, Apps (IOS & Android), bringing online & Offline Auctions, investment portals, project portals, rental portal, affiliate programs and much more. We will provide our services on very economical rates, which fit into your budget and bring benefit to our users. We wish to develop a professional strong relationship among buyers, and sellers in a very peaceful manner.

Michni.com Unique Features
Feature Listing is Permanent

Now you have no need to update your listings detail while after updating your package for next time.

Search on Map

Through a search on the map feature, you can search prime locations, property ongoing projects, potential clients’ location through per clicks and rental property at one glance.

Low-cost Packages

Packages having low rates, and the maximum number of services reaches huge potential clients or generates numbers of leads per day.

Individual Listings

Now you can enlist yourself as an agent or property owner and individually ad your property to create your own brand awareness & brand recognition.

Direct Communication

Michni.com.pk brings unique services for property owners, agents, and clients to communicate directly without third party interruption.

Low-cost Packages

Packages having low rates, and the maximum number of services reaches huge potential clients or generates numbers of leads per day.

Online Package Buying Facility

Now Michni offers online package buying facility to agent, property or project owners as an individual entity.

Stats Overview

Michni.com.pk will enable developers and real estate agents to check stat overview of your monthly sale along with commission.

Amazing Support

Michni.com.pk provides experts solution and expert suggestions on a monthly basis, which will help intuitive users in their future investments strategies.

Michni.com.pk Promoting System

Excellent Quality of our product and services that michni.com.pk deliver to founding members or Michni service distributors, and our advertising and deals groups. Michni.com team utilizes a unique, trustworthy and authentic promoting system which covers all parts of the leads and assists of buyers & sellers. We always look forward to future opportunities and trending marketing strategies with passion and promise you to keep providing the best services that would be so helpful for the investors, buyers, agents, and potential clients of the Real Estate sector.
Join Michni.com.pk and experience a lavish lifestyle intended to give you a definitive feeling of comfort.