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Terms and conditions

1. Introduction
Michni.com a rental and real estate online property management system is a research project dedicated to create more opportunities, make transparency and bring all real estate and related industry under one roof with more freedom. This is a never-ending project that continuously do R & D and turns every stone to bring altered options for its users in best possible user experience. We are not only engaged in online advertisement but also offer extended services to all our participants.

Besides our extended services we offer enlisting services to advertise Services, property or products to both individuals and companies. Rent, sale, wanted and Auction are main categories where real estate owner (s) can enlist their property through paid plans or for free whatsoever applies.

We are not here to dominate the industry but are open to partnering professionals, investors, developers, software houses and are intended to keep our APIs available for any upcoming kickstarting projects with a vision or to those already working in the same field (other portals). Instead of being just a portal we are moving towards being a real estate channel manager that helps users to manage their properties through a single dashboard or to run their advertisement campaigns directly.
2. General Conditions Applied
Michni.com a rental and real estate online management system registered and operational under its parent company Bookirea pvt ltd. By terms” we”,” us”,” it”, “the website”, “our website” “app”, “apps”, “platform”, “platforms”, “portal”, “the portal”, “rental and real estate online management portal, “real estate channel manager”, “our network”, “Michni”, “michi.com”, we all times mean michni.com and/or its affiliated network.
3. Users of Platform
Users are property or service (s) or product (s) seeker (s) or providers who access our website through any means to make their service available or seek service otherwise.
Owners are owners/ legal heir (s) / authorized persons to post and/or sale property
Professionals are owners/ legal heir (s) / authorized persons to post and/or sale propertyare service provider (s) who enlist their services on our platform for advertisement.
Investors The silent observers of our platform to seek and avail investment opportunities.
Showrooms Product showrooms who enlist their products on our website for advertisement.
Auctioneers The companies or individuals enlisting their properties in auction for advertisement.
Bidders The participants of an auction who qualifies for bidding and bids.
Others All those who access our platform by any means.

All users agree that they will be using our platform within allowed capacity, will be following all its terms and conditions and hereby, confirms that michni.com, its associated bodies, management and teams are immune to any harms, damages or legitimation caused by using this platform. All users also do confirm that intellectual property rights remain in sole ownership right of Michni.com platform for its platforms, submitted material, translated or produced material and authorize michni to use this material for advertisement on its sole direction.

4. Services Offered on michni.com Platforms

The following are list of services offered by michni.com

  1. Enlistment services
  2. Here users of any capacity (individuals or companies) can enlist their services or properties or products for advertisement or can access the available stuff otherwise for free or in a purchased plan . Users can enlist their material through available packages or can book banners for more viewership.+ add listing

  3. Verification of property documentation
  4. Michni.com offers extended services for document verification to minimize risk of investment and peace of mind through purchased plans. Here, legal title of ownership, NOCs, Construction status according to a proved plan, land permission, court cases, mortgage status and project verifications are done and a comprehensive report is made available to requester (s) in soft copy on their dedicated dashboard within 24-48 hours after payments. The report takes full responsibility of verification till time and date of its preparation that can be viewed, downloaded or printed otherwise. such reports are made on request (s) of purchaser (s) only that cannot be shared or forwarded. Agents, agencies, investors and developers can also request document verification reflected as verified properties for public for trust development. Document Verification Services

  5. Michni.com offers extended services for its users to book and advertise their services, products or properties through SMS, mass mailing, affiliate network, Digital platforms, social media platforms, bill boards, push notification and much more. Book a banner , advertise with us
  6. Turn Key solution
  7. Michni.com offers extended services through Ibuyers, ibuilders, asset management, rental management and property management. Here, the users can request extended services with additional terms and conditions and agreement (s) that suits their specific needs. The following three combined or alone enables owners to choose required services, track the progress online with peace of their minds right from investments to gaining ROI and principal amounts.

    AMS (Asset management system)
    RMS (rental management System)
    PMS (property Management System)

  8. Unlisted properties
  9. The service is introduced to owners who want to avoid unwanted calls or annoying visits and trusts michni network “To Let” or “Purchase” or “sell” their properties without appearing it on mass advertisement network and are extensively available to Michni and its associated Network only. Such properties if doesn’t qualify standards of michni are enlisted for mass advertisement with consent of owners. Assist me in selling

  10. Maps & Floor Drawings
  11. This service allows developers to submit their society /sectors maps and project flooring and allows users to search within them through project name, city, location etc. Our AI algorithms are designed to match these with submitted properties and display it in their detailed page or lets users to locate available properties on any map page for quick navigation. Maps & Floor Drawings

  12. Plot Finder
  13. This service allows users to find plots on a map instead of searching them manually. We offer an extended map search for any property that is kept limited to plots only in plot finder. The search drives a user to niche details of the plot e.g. sizing, contact details, pricing and other decision-making information. Plot finder

  14. Call for Bids & get recent prices quotes
  15. This service allows users to get latest rates quotes from professionals and product owners individually or can ask for open bids otherwise. Accept, reject, edit and comment options are available for both asking party and seller party directly without involvement of michni.com.

  16. Work with Us
  17. This service enables service providers to join hands with Michni.com in offering extended services to its users. Leads are directly shared with such companies and individuals in supervision of michni.com code of conduct. This also includes affiliate network or the start ups requesting michni APIs and/or white branding website. Work with us

  18. Franchise licensing
  19. An individual or company welling to obtain franchise license of services in specific area agrees that he will be joining hands with michni and represent michni as approved capacity. Request a Franchise

  20. Invest with Us
  21. Our seasonal investment professionals help you grow your principal amounts through secured investment plans. Here the investors can choose to invest with michni in any available capacity. Michni.com or its parent company Bookirea pvt ltd will enter into agreements with agreed ROI or asset acquisition in name of investor (s) otherwise. Invest with US

5. Privacy policy and cookies
  1. Michni.com administration stores and share your personal information with partnering network or try to reach you time to time if subscribed for letters or alerts for a project. We may also choose to use cookies for best user experience.
  2. Michni.com stores and share your contact information with partnering network and public to reach you for your advertised service from time to time and sends you letters or requested alerts and store your browser cookies for true user experience.
    1. Users data stored: Profile Picture; name; email address; type of user, saved searches; messages to and from enlisters; uploaded material; time; date; IP address, searching behavior etc. The contact data is made public for best response of your advertised service, product or property.
    2. Investors date stored: in addition to all above, type of investment sought, short term, long term, company or individual etc. is stored and kept private. Investors are silent observers of our platform and doesn’t appear in public search.
    3. Our data scientists may use and process your data to find user experience; behavior; reactions; trending campaigns; rankers; territories; areas and many more. It may be used in offering a better user experience; innovative product offering, a quick guide; targeting areas of interest (s) and adopting new tac ticks for our platform.
    4. Users can at any time choose to (i) unsubscribe to newsletters (ii) alerts to a service, product or property or can delete your account (EU Countries only) otherwise
  3. We do collect and store information about your mobile IP address, device type, or activity on our app.
  4. Any data shared with /to 3rd party (advertisers, payment gateways) is sole responsibility of those parties and thus we don’t accept any responsibility to it. Users in any capacity, understands the fact that the moment they click on an advertisement, they leave our platform and thus any details submitted there are sole responsibility of the advertiser (s). The user (s) also understands that our cart at attempt to make a transection, redirects them to secure payment gateway (s) that helps user (s) connect their bank to execute transection and the moment transection is done, payment gateway (s) redirect them back to our platform (s).
  5. We do not store your financial instrument details or if need to store last digits for security and to assist you in your future transections. Any attempt to make transection or transection initiated, we redirect you to secure and trusted payment gateways.
  6. We are using encryption certificates; encryption script (s); clouding and are taking every technology available (in our resources) in account to secure our data. Any breach will be announced in earliest on our website.