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Presenting the best housing scheme of Blue World City Islamabad. Learn more about the facts and figures on how safe it is to buy property in this place.

Is it safe to invest in Blue World City Islamabad

At every age or time, a house is obsessed with comfort and security. We live to the highest standards of life to ensure that our loved ones have a serene and yet secure environment.

The Blue World City Islamabad fulfills its ideal of an avenue like a house or a legitimate property.

For all the good reasons to keep a thriving and functional image of the country, the housing society of the Blue World City Islamabad stays here.

The current situation with the trust issues going on with the property is there to confuse the masses with the wrong kind of information. Being a part of controversies when it comes to any sort of business especially when its property can be of a regular encounter. We felt a dire need to educate our masses with the right kind of information to create the stability factor thus providing them with the best solutions and providing the correct guideline for the future.

Therefore, right present it is one of the most economic and investor-friendly housing projects in the area. This is the greatest alternative for people who want to invest in a high investment residential scheme.


Characteristics of the Blue World City Islamabad:

The society speaks for itself when it comes to its ideal location that is 9Km from the m2 Chakri interchange at the new Islamabad airport. It takes an approx. 30 minutes’ drive and 6 km distance from the ring road.

In addition to its perfect location, Blue World City Islamabad is committed to providing all people with practical payment plans to make it cheap for all to enjoy the precious property in this housing community.

Here are some of the main blocks the society is divided into General Block, overseas Block, Blue Hills Country Farms, Awami villas, blue world economic zone, orbital Apartments, Awami residential complex which is inexpensive for convenience.


Credibility check: 

When it comes to invests in a significant quantity of money, the property is the best technique to attract people. In the sovereign state of Pakistan, systems and regulations allow no illicit or ethical conduct that could inflict mass destruction for the public's sake. The rule of law must be upheld because Blue World City Islamabad has the highest priority in this regard.

File verification can be done properly through the official website of Blue world City Islamabad.

Reputed anchors like Ameer Abbas and Usama Ghazi (Bol News) interviewed Chaudhary Naeem (partner BWC) and had a conversation in all aspects required.

It passes all the processes that are supposed to be followed and hence takes time. The proprietor himself offers us all the details and is always helpful to solve social problems for the public.


Joining hands with the reputable:

The Blue Company Group was founded in Lahore in 1989. In the beginning, the company supplied architectural design services as well as building services. It immediately became a solid reputation as a trustworthy and professional corporation through the attention of customers and respected market investors. Now in Pakistan, the company is among the 5 best immobilization enterprises worldwide. Ever since the strategy is designed, for various services, such as branding, marketing, architectural design, construction, IT support, and commercial printing, to become a single-stop solution.

The company has also launched a commercial business in addition to these services. It also has a range of convenience shops and apparel companies.

The Blue Group has approximately 300 hard-working specialists operating in multiple capacities, making it one of Pakistan's most dynamic firms.

Receiving the NO Objection Certificate (NOC):

(RDA), against Vide Letter no. RDA/MP&TF/F-PHS-PTR-10/148, approved the planning permit for the Blue World City of Islamabad. Dated: 02/19/2019 In the beginning, the Company was awarded preliminary permission for around 427 canals of land. NOC status for Blue World City is evident now.

After another application and the NOC status of the RDA of the company was included in the list of processing companies. The status is retrieved from an illegal to unprocessed list. But BWC's success and improvement have a positive possibility of being lawful in a very short period. 

Unfortunately, it was rumored by the rivals and other corporate sectors that the Blue World City Islamabad was illegally distributed, however above that, Blue World City Islamabad NOC from RDA is explicitly declared that it is acceptable.

Relevant Details are Available:

This categorizes the view, location, and areas, providing the passion and commitment to the work. The payment plans and the legal formalities are widely shared on the internet. The Sky Marketing Company plans the finest components of the Blue World City Islamabad strategy. Authorized companies are a big yes to the fact that they are dealing in the right area.

Not only big companies are a part of the project, but the bar is raised to international standards. 

International Collaboration:

It is not easy for one to say that international collaborations are easy to pull off. The blue housing world Islamabad has marked its way through the betterment by making partners with the Chinese government. They are head over heels to provide fruitful measures to the people.

The Shan Jian Town Engineering Company, in partnership with the Blue Group, has invested in this notable residential development, making it a joint venture not only between mergers but also between two countries, making Pak-China a truly friendly city.

CPEC Route is a cooperative initiative between Pakistan and China to enhance trade between the two countries, particularly close to Blue World City Islamabad.


Since most employees are Chinese and need safe lodging in the vicinity, this provides good accommodation to match their needs.

All the above points lead us to the conclusion that it is safe to get into the property business with Blue World City Islamabad. The venture looks amazing, and we are looking forward to a great collaboration and a prosperous environment throughout the nation with such mega projects. 

This is a low-cost housing project which will make Pakistan's idea of affordable accommodation more accessible not only to the disadvantaged but also to luxurious facilities and the ultimate location for individuals with a small budget.

If you are still not persuaded that you can decide on this project, let us list the main points for you.


If success is a process with a number of defined steps, then it is just like any other process. So, what is the first step in any process?

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