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Cold and dry weather is expected in most parts of the country in every winter. However, rain-thunderstorm and fog was claimed at isolated places in south-western parts of Baluchistan and Punjab.

Natural Views Beautifully Captured During Dense Fog in Islamabad

Weather Forecast Alerts for Winter in Pakistan


Cold and dry weather is expected in most parts of the country in every winter. However, rain-thunderstorm and fog was claimed at isolated places in southwestern parts of Baluchistan and Punjab. According to National Weather Forecasting Center, in Islamabad, fog is likely to prevail in few plain areas of Punjab and Upper Sindh during the whole of December. But, no one expected the dense fog to prevail in Islamabad at the end of December 2019.

Historic Dense Fog Recorded in Islamabad 

History worst dense fog recorded in Islamabad on 28th of December, started in the morning and covered the whole city till midnight. As we all noticed in past few days of December that weather remained cold and dry in most parts of the country, while very cold in northern parts.

The upper parts like Gilgit Baltistan were in grip of severe cold. Severe cold had maked life difficult as dwellers were bound to confined themselves inside their Holmes.

Temperature Recorded During Fog

The cold wave maintained its grip over the twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad on 28th December 2019. The minimum temperature was 1°C which further decreased -3°C, which was less than Murree and Nathiagali.

The lowest temperature of this season till date in Islamabad were -0.7°C in December 28, 2010. The concerned department recorded visibility 50 meters at Zero Point as fog started engulfing Islamabad at 12 midnight and continued till 10am.

How Domestic Life Disturbed

This dense fog badly disturbed the early morning domestic and international flights. The vehicular movement like rail services, traffic on motorway and in whole Islamabad and Rawalpindi disturbed badly.

The minimum temperature in Rawalpindi and Islamabad was recorded 1°C that day. The cold wave and fog remained dense three to four days in Islamabad. Over this whole scenario the social media buffers gone mad. People enjoy this dense fog and cold, as they enjoy in Murree or Natiagali. However, it had been settled down after cloudy weather.  The intensity of the cold wave and fog would be expected to decrease slowly in January.

The cold and foggy conditions were likely to continued in plain areas of Punjab. Punjab is still facing the dense fog and they are expected to come across same condition in January.

That it was not unusual cold weather as in December the twin cities witnessed minimum temperature 0 or below 0°C in past few years.

Social Media Buffers and Normal Life

In these circumstances, the number of people complaining of cold-related ailments has shot up over the last few days in the city hospitals. It was a very tough day for those whole travel by motorbike or public transport users. The patients were mostly children and the elderly, but the youngsters enjoy and posted it on social media.

You have witnessed many beautiful videos and pictures of dense fog on social media. The  funniest and romantic caption are very good entertainment that day. Hope you would love the social media buffers efforts and enjoy the whole condition while sitting in your couches with a cup of tea

How We Recorded The Dense Fog in Islamabad

Apart from all these complains and problems, we have gathered the few cinematic Arial shots via drone cam. We are damn sure that these Arial shots of whole city will blow your mind for a second.

Enjoy the fascinating and cinematic scenes captured that how beautiful the green city look alike during dense fog.

After seeing these breath-taking Arial views of Islamabad, you will forget the problems you have gone through in past few days due to dense fog. Appreciate the nature and enjoy the every situation with happy face.


On that day people couldn’t even see the next step standing person beside them. Residents of Islamabad were gone through very severe weather condition, but still they had not missed to capture those beautiful natural views of beautiful capital. Hope you would love these cinematic Arial shots done only to capture the nature and beauty of our city.

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