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The real estate sector is a major investment opportunity like any other investment in Pakistanis. if you want to make your investment profitable then, Pakistan real estate market is the biggest opportunity for you.

Future of Investment in Real Estate Market of Pakistan in 2019

The real estate sector is a major investment opportunity like any other investment in Pakistanis. if you want to make your investment profitable then, Pakistan real estate market is the biggest opportunity for you.

As everyone knows that investing money in real estate is a long-term process. But, if the investors secure their funds for long term and good returns then this is the best opportunity for investors.

As we all know that Pakistan’s economic and political stability is questionable until the best time comes. The real estate market of Pakistan seeing sudden dips at the smallest of unrest. Now it is very important for investors to discover how to make an investment feasible and profitable within this sector in the coming year.

Here we will discuss how 2019 will turn out for the real estate sector a beneficial investment.

Real Estate Pakistan Expectations

While the real estate sector was going through many downtimes and lacks in 2018 due to the unstable political and economic conditions of the country.  The real estate sector is expected to see a rise in investments in 2019, especially as there are several new developments underway throughout the country that will affect real estate values upon their completion.

Biggest Developments Project of Pakistan

Among these developments is the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), which is a road network that is built to provide a direct link from Gawadar Port to China. This network and the Pak-China corridor will facilitate trade between the two countries. This project will create more opportunities for Chinese investment in the country, particularly within the real estate sector of Pakistan. Chinese individuals will prefer to move to Gawadar and its surrounding areas to live closer to their workplace. The migration of Chinese employees will improve our economic condition much better.

Overseas Investment in Pakistan

The CPEC is also paving the way for overseas investments to come flooding in Pakistan. As the land near Gawadar is developed into housing schemes and residential communities, which is also another advantage for real estate investors to invest their money over these schemes and earn huge profit.

Here we will briefly discuss the real estate market of Islamabad, Pakistan and their forecast for 2019:

Investment in Islamabad

Capital Development Authority (CDA) making extensive efforts to establish state of the art residential communities for residents of Islamabad, which is the biggest and most trustable real estate, a residential project in Islamabad.

Real Estate Market in Pakistan

Different New Projects in Islamabad

The city has several new projects that hold great potential for investors, such as:

Real Estate Market in Pakistan

Pakistan’s real estate market is currently a buyer’s market, rather than a seller’s market due to economic instability. Due to the current real estate market condition, the sellers continue to list their projects with the hope of getting good returns. Sellers are now offering several buying options to interested investors in different ways. The real estate buyers are still waiting for suitable conditions to invest their money.

Like other big projects, small individual projects have been gaining many buyers and potential investors.

But the condition is going to stable very soon for both investors and buyers. Now it is a perfect time to start your own individual projects in different cities of Pakistan. Moreover, with the recent modifications in the property buying ban, overseas Pakistanis can now invest their money without facing any investigation by the FBR. During this property buying ban, overseas investors face many hurdles which were not the case when the ban was initially imposed.

Thus, we can look forward to a bright future of the real estate market in 2020 and the coming years.

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