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Finding your next home can be exiting or a forced option but is not a easy job. A 5 minutes read to help you all important steps to find your next home easily.

How to Find Your Next Home

Divorce, transfer, loss of job, notice from landlord, need of bigger space or welcoming a new member can be a few reasons amongst many for finding your next home. Some of the reasons may be joyful or sorrowing resulting in hunt for your next home as tenant or as buyer to purchase the right home for yourself. Sky high pricing, poorly regulated industry, no proper code of conduct for property agents and not maintained properties are the key obstacles. The other hurdles to keep you apart from finding your next home can be work load, acquiring school leaving certificates, packing your stuff for moving, farewells and many more.

No doubt Finding your next home is a challenging job but if you know the needs and wants and know the baby steps one by one, you can make it happen the easy way. Our article How to Find Your Next Home is here to guide you in your home hunt.

Make a list of wants and needs

Before starting your search, take a paper and make a list of wants and needs of your next residence. The needs may include lot size, number of bed and baths, distance from your work place, schools for your kids etc. while wants includes good to have, e.g. a swimming pool that you always wanted to have. Don’t fall for a smaller home or your furniture will be stuffed to move in. Once the list is finalized, now it’s the time for the next step.

Work on your financial budget

Your financial budget for renting or investing is the highest obstacle that keeps you away to move to your dream house. In very rare cases the new accommodation falls in your forecasted budget while in most of cases you have to go beyond estimation. You may be renting a house, apartment or a shared accommodation with your landlord or other tenants or whatsoever fits in your accommodation needs and financial budget. To get a good idea of pricing, play with more than 40 advance search filters of michni to help you narrow down properties by property type, rental and for sale properties, city, area, beds and baths and your budget.

Consider mortgage if you are short with finances. Michni upcoming mortgage center will help you in calculating your instalment, mortgage rates comparison, getting pre-qualified or getting a pre-approval.

Consider mortgage if you are short with finances. Michni upcoming mortgage center will help you in calculating your instalment, mortgage rates comparison, getting pre-qualified or getting a pre-approval.

Find the maintained property

You will find an amazing fact during your physical visits that most of the properties are either not maintained or out of your range. Besides your clear instructions, realtors usually pitch all available inventory to crack a deal. This makes it more time taking and difficult job to find a good accommodation. luckily, online portals offer additional filters and tags of new construction, remodeled, need a bit renovation, livable and demolish able etc. to help you right home. If you are keener traditional ways, you can always find enlisted local real estate agents or can ask in your close friend’s circle for help and can visit local real estate offices in office timing.

You can continue with your search hunt or can use reverse methodology by enlisting your ad in wanted for both rent and buy with needs, location, sizing, budget and let thousands of home owners and real estate agents reach you with their offers.

You can either choose to go with your search hunt or can directly put a request to michni exclusive services Find me my Next home through their maintained properties portfolio or can choose one of the properties from Ibuyers to shift right away.

Availability of property

Usually, the search hunt for new home is initiated 15-25 days earlier of shifting date. The probability is, you will either dislike the available options or have to sacrifice your finances to engage the property you like. To resolve this issue, some portals like michni.com has come forward with coming soon and vacating soon properties that helps you acquire the property on the right time you need. With these options sellers can advertise and expect buyers at right time without disturbing routine of the current tenants (Residents) in a seamless way.

The other problem with buying a property is transactional period of 60-90 days plus days required for any maintenance works. If you are in rush and want to shift right away, select properties from Ibuyers portfolio that are maintained, document ready and can help you shift even on same date.

Compatibility in a shared space

If you are short of finances, the probability is, you will move to a sharing space e.g. a portion, room or bed space etc. compatibility with residents of sharing space and sharing utilities is another issue that need to be addressed before moving on. Its better to pay the residence a visit to develop a mutual understanding and discuss the potential problematic areas.

Facilities at house

Facilities at house are a very critical issue that need to be addressed. You may be looking for basic facilities or considering luxuries to have in your next home. This is the right time to narrow down what you are looking for. You can either ask your real estate agent to show you properties with these facilities or can go through detailed page of advertised properties on real estate online portals. Michi.com is a heartbeat away from adding these additional search options that can help you narrow down search results even more.


Neighborhoods are classified in different classes ranging from posh to economic where the earlier offers more facilities, road access, peace while the later may best fits in your financial budget. This is all your call to select the best neighborhood that is near to your work place, schooling and offers you what you are looking for. Michni.com is planning to launch a neighborhood engine to help you the pricing trends, available properties for both rent and sale, what residents says about it, streets, crime rate and much more.

Crime rate

Crime rate is the most important factor that need to consider before selecting your next home either on rent or on purchase. Unfortunately, there is no compact analysis available in Pakistan to drive you through and you are all dependent on verbal report of your real estate agent or residents of the desired area. This is necessary for you to select the area with least crime rate of snatching, robberies, theft etc. that will help you to make your routine accordingly.

Access to Utilities and Public Places

Water, light and gas are the basic necessities that a neighborhood should provide and mostly it does but in countries like Pakistan, in some cities or towns it can be a luxury e.g. in G-13 you don’t expect water to show up and have to depend on private water tankers every time. The same way, some neighborhood may not offer gas connections or electricity connections because of legitimation, approval or any other factor. Along with this you need to check availability of parks, public transport, schools, hospitals, gym and distance to your work location, hospitals and air port etc. Ask your real estate agent about these utilities and facilities or check them on detailed listing page of a single property on online portals like Michni.

If success is a process with a number of defined steps, then it is just like any other process. So, what is the first step in any process?

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